Hotel Meeting Rooms

You visit the general physician when you are sick. He checks your blood pressure and heartbeat, and on occasions checks your eyes too (yellow colour tinge on the sclera of the eyes... the white part... typically means that the person is suffering from jaundice and red coloured bloodshot eyes means that the patient is suffering from conjunctivitis). He then prescribes medicines based on his diagnosis. If you visit the general physician regularly for a chronic ailment, you might have noticed that on occasions he prescribes a different medicine whose name you have never heard before. While waiting for the doctor outside his chamber, you might have noted people carrying suitcases with them, waiting to meet the doctor. They are representatives of medical companies, eager to meet the doctor to provide him information about the latest drugs released by their companies, which makes it easier to solve ailments quickly that other medications took a long time to cure. The world of medicine depends on these representatives as a mediator between the drug manufacturers and the doctors. His job is to inform the doctor about new medicines released by their companies and provide a few sample packs, which the doctor can give to his patients for free.

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Training required

These representatives have to undergo thorough training about the details of the drugs they promote so that they can answer the questions asked by the doctor. They have to have oratory and communication skills to convince the doctor that their medicine is far better than that of the same category manufactured by their competitors. Medicine companies typically host meetings in which they call all of their representatives to a specific city and host a meeting in which they train their representatives about the capability of the drugs, their price, and when will they be available on the market. The sales representative also needs to visit the distributors and explain the details of their company's new medicines, following which they accept and fulfil the order of the wholesaler. As the owner of a health company, you need to host meetings on a regular basis to train your sales personnel (the representative) and inform them about new products along with their contraindications (the effect the drug might have if taken with other specific drugs). meeting rooms hemel hempstead provides a great opportunity to the health company to host meetings.

Selecting suitable meeting rooms Hemel Hempstead

Make sure that the meeting room lies in close proximity to the airport as your representatives will arrive from different parts of the United Kingdom via flight to attend the training course. Ensure that the size of the room is big enough to host all the medical representatives of your company. It is a good idea to opt for a meeting room that offers snacks and drinks too, as attendees will need them, especially after a long and tiring journey. Check if the venue has communication facilities such as free WiFi, printer, copier, and scanner. Some of the meeting rooms include:

- Holiday Inn

- Best Western The Watermill

- Embassy House

- Kings House Business Centre

- Sopwell House