Are Your Followers Leaving Faster Than You Can Hold Onto Them? Here is Why

A successful Instagram account is all about an increase in the number of followers. If you notice that they are dropping instead of rising, then you are in deep trouble. As you know too well, Instagram marketing has been good for some people and bad for others. If you are in the second category, then this post is for you.

With millions of brands and users on Instagram, you need to work extra hard to keep your followers; otherwise they get grabbed from under your nose as you nap away. When you notice that you are losing followers, you need to double check the following reasons that might lead to this.

You Content is Not Engaging at All

Having content that is engaging is one of the ways to attract users to your profile and get more followers. Engagement also makes your followers stick because they have something to talk about.

The more attractive your content is, the faster your followers will come back to your profile to explore it further.

If you have low quality or irrelevant content, you will lose followers faster than you can get some more. The followers will start asking themselves why they followed you in the first place, and revoke this follow so that they don’t keep seeing your content at all.

It might not be about boring content at all; you might have lost focus along the way. If you started out with a specific kind of niche, and then you decide to leave it and then focus on another one, your followers might wonder whether you have any focus. Being focused is one way to keep your customers engaged.

You have Fake Followers

If you are looking to buy followers, then it is advisable to work with providers that offer genuine ones as compared to those that offer fake ones. If you buy fake followers, the level of engagement will go down, and you know what happens when engagement levels go down – no one becomes interested in your content at all.

What you need is to buy followers that are genuine. The BigBanGram is a tool that gives you an auto-follow feature that you can use to interact with a target audience. According to The Small Business Blog, you get auto likes, comments, followers and send direct messages. If you aren’t sure of the tool, go for the 3-day trial to see how it works before making a perfect choice.

Your Bio Looks Fake

Your bio is the first impression users have of you or your products. If you are using images that look fake, and a description that doesn’t have any meat on it, then users will think that you are fake and will leave your profile faster than they came in.

You Are Posting Too Many, or Too Little Content

The best ways to deliver the right content is to check out your audience’ content needs and stick to it. Come up with a level playing field whereby you deliver content when it is needed. If you deliver content faster than the consumption rate of the audience, then you start looking spammy, and the next thing is followers leaving your profile fast.

Additionally, if you decide to post content at a lower speed than what the audience expects, you get to bore them, which leads to them leaving your profile to look for someone that can satisfy their need for content.

The Conclusion

Any Instagram profile has to start somewhere, but it needs to grow upwards, not downwards like what happens when you start losing followers. When this happens, you need to get a solution, fast.