Four Health Benefits of Heated Beds for Dogs & Cats

In the event that your dogs and cats seem to dislike their current sleeping pads, you should consider alternatives. While you can ask them to jump aboard your own bed, there is a better idea: consider looking at heated beds for pets.

These beds are one-of-a-kind. Unlike ordinary beds, they come with health benefits. In addition, although they may require power to operate, they only utilize low wattage (i.e. you do not have to worry about raised power bills).

Here is a list featuring the benefits of heated dog beds:

#1 – Alleviate Pain Caused by Hip Dysplasia

A major benefit of heated beds for pets is their proposed treatment to a condition that can deter walking and standing abilities, as well as pain. Having such condition means the ball and socket joints in the hip of animals are causing wear and tear due to improper positioning. You can refer to this condition as hip dysplasia.

If they are suffering from canine or feline hip dysplasia, your pets could use regular exercises and proper nutrition. Because they may have been unattended for long periods, this condition can develop.

On top of that, letting your pets rest well should be a priority if they are suffering from hip dysplasia. After all, their joints in the hip area can restore themselves better after a good night’s rest.

Thus, letting them rest in heated beds is a viable treatment option for hip dysplasia. Doing so alleviates pain and stimulates the joints in the hip area to prevent stiffness.

#2 – Provide Treatment for Pets with Spine-Related Injuries

Additionally, these heated beds can alleviate the pain caused by spine-related injuries. These beds can soothe back pain and even do as much as slowly correct misalignment. Invertebral disk disease and Spondylosis Deformans are a couple examples of spine-related injuries.

Moreover, these heated beds are ideal for aging pets. Senior dogs and cats (ages 7 years old and above) could prefer these beds; the improvement in flexibility and increase in circulation are among the reasons.

#3 – Provide Treatment for Pets with Joint Diseases

Dogs and cats with joint diseases are also candidates for heated beds. Some of the signs that indicate joint problems in pets are:


    • Stiff movements
    • Slow and/or tentative movements
    • Inability to run, jump, and/or climb stairs
    • Inability to elevate from lying-down positions

If they were to show at least one of these signs, your pets could be suffering from noninflammatory and/or inflammatory joint diseases. You should also pay attention to different symptoms. The symptoms of a noninflammatory disease in the joints include stiffness and joint degeneration, and the symptoms of an inflammatory disease in the joints include swelling and pain.

Heated beds offer a solution to such diseases by loosening tight muscles and allowing uninterrupted relaxation. These beds can also provide extra support to reduce the pressure in the joints of your pets.

If they spend hours in heated beds, your pets have a much better chance of pain-free times ahead. With heated beds, your pets would not have to do anything to recover from joint diseases; all they have to do is sleep in one.

#4 – Provide Comfort during Cold Nights

In addition, even if they are not suffering from any medical condition, your pets can benefit from heated beds because these beds can keep them warm at night. These beds lower the risk of developing anxiety, insomnia, and sleep and nervous system disorders.

Compared to ordinary unheated beds, these heated beds significantly improve the sleeping environment of your pets. Especially if it is a cold winter’s night, these beds allow your pets to sleep soundly through the night so they can wake up energetic hours later!

Furthermore, these heated beds come with great features to ensure good sleep. They come with a soft fabric and thermo-reflective liners.

These heating beds also feature a user-adjustable thermostat, which lets you adjust the amount of heat according to your pets’ liking. If you think that the warmth is too much since your pets would refuse to go inside, you can turn down the thermostat easily.


These heated beds are advantageous to both dogs and cats. As a pet parent, you should consider getting one for your pets. Since these beds come in a variety of sizes, both small and large pets can benefit!

While some people may think otherwise, you should remember that these heated beds are not merely accessories. It may cost you a day’s (or so) worth of work, but investing in these beds will not go wasted. Not only will they ease the pain and provide treatment and comfort, these beds also prioritize the wellness of your pets.

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