Swimming: What Your Child is Missing Out

Swimming is one way to help your baby exercise and have fun at the same time. This gives your baby a total body workout while reducing the strain on the joints of the baby. Remember, the joints are still vulnerable to injury and need to be protected at all costs. It also provides a great way to cool off the baby’s body during the hot months and offers a way to socialize with family members.

While it is easy for a child of any age to learn to swim, the earlier the process starts, the better for the child. Once they know this earlier, they will enjoy a lifetime of fun and enjoyable exercise. So, when should one start swimming lessons? As soon as the umbilical cord is cut! It doesn’t mean that you enroll your baby in swimming classes the moment they are born, but remember your baby has been in a sac filled with fluid. This makes them natural in the water.

The classes for kids to start swimming aren’t as involving as those that involve adult children. The coach will start by spending time with the kid who will simply float around and play in the water as they get acquainted with how the whole process works. The best time to introduce the child to swimming with other kids is from the third year. This is because at this age is when the child can understand what is happening and can follow instructions. If the toddler is already familiar with the water, he will have no problem with playing around with it.

It Is Safe

Water is weightless; therefore the baby will not injure himself when swimming in case they fall. This forgiving nature of the water enables the child to try new things without fear since they feel no pain at all. Swimming will assist the kid to develop muscular and cardiovascular strength, posture, flexibility, balance, and coordination without injuring themselves in the process.

Do you know that your toddler can learn how to swim even before he starts to walk? If your kid finds it tough to walk, swimming can help him develop motor skills faster. Regular swimming also helps your child fight obesity and helps them grow up to become healthy and better adults. Since this is an activity that your child will never outgrow, he gets to enjoy it well into adulthood.

Water is Soothing

Water is a soothing and healing medium that improves the emotional health of the baby. It also encourages the baby to swim longer. If you have ever worked with a baby in water, you know how difficult it is to get him out of the water. The soothing effect of water improves his mood, doing away with depression during childhood. You can also incorporate the activity into the kid’s social life.

It Expands Mental Capacity

You always wish to build the mental capacity of your baby early in life. Swimming will increase this capacity as well. The toddler will understand how the world works and learns to interact with his peers. The physical workout increases the flow of oxygen to the kid’s brain, making him function better. Research shows that the children who learn to swim early get to reach their developmental milestones earlier and get to score high on tests when they start school.

The Conclusion

Early swimming lessons improve the self-esteem of your children. It will make a painfully shy child to develop social skills. Swimming lessons also help your child to bond better with his peers while enjoying the soothing effects of water. He also gets to discover the world around him and perform various exercises beneficial to health.