The Least Annoying Home Cleaning Tasks

There are very few breeds who legitimately enjoy cleaning their homes. I am not going to insinuate that these types of people do not exist because that is simply inadequate. For the clear majority of us, though, we will not enjoy partaking in activities around the home that resemble cleaning. But, not all of them are unbearable to the point of submission. Although these are just my opinions and some may completely disagree with me, the following are not too bad to bear. Sometimes, they can even be fun (alright, I am getting a little ahead of myself here).

Mowing the Lawn

Yeah, this does not exactly fall under the category of “cleaning” a home. However, is not the entire purpose of mowing one’s lawn to maintain it and keep it healthy? I believe it is, and a lawn is an important factor for everyone’s property. To me, it is also an enjoyable task to partake in. Not only is it refreshing to receive some fresh air but it is not a tedious task. So many activities around the home resemble this, so it nice to find one that does not. Besides that, not including using a riding lawn mower, it is a sufficient way to get in a few hours of exercise for the day.

Cleaning Windows

This almost did not qualify for this list, but on second thought I concluded that I do not mind cleaning windows. Surely, this depends on how many windows are in a home as the task can become stale before too long. Let us just say, it is not as if I am in love with indulging in this endeavor. But, compared to other methods of cleaning it is not nearly as annoying. Typically, it does not take a whole lot of elbow grease to remove all the dirt and fingerprints that become present on windows and mirrors.


For anyone who can put two and two together, it should not come as a surprise that sweeping showed up here. It is basically the equivalent of mowing a lawn, just mowing the carpet! Alright, so they are not identical but, for me, oftentimes they feel like the same task. Ironically, sweeping can become a nuisance very quickly. For areas that have a lot of tight spaces, it can prove difficult to clean them with a vacuum cleaner. But, most of the time I am sweeping wide open areas which significantly reduces the level of annoyance. However, the type of sweeper one has also goes together with how user-friendly they are. So, for anyone who is currently unhappy with their current model it may be wise to consider a new one. For a vast selection, check out

Sorting Through Household Items

I had to ponder this for a little while, but not only do I not think this one is annoying, there are times I actually enjoy it. The catalyst to this is discovering old treasures that I forget I possessed. Outside of that, I enjoy the feeling of having all my household items in their defined locations. Thus, every time I need (or want) something I know exactly where to look. However, this can become tedious in long spurts. My advice, split it up in hour increments to reduce fatigue.

Power washing

Much like mowing the lawn, this task accommodates cleaning outside the home. As a man, just like Tim Taylor, I take pleasure in handling power tools. But, most are designed to build and create. A power washer, on the other hand, will remove heavy dirt, dust, mold (and any other bacteria) from siding and decks. Since the outside of a home is nearly as important as the inside, it is important to do this. It only makes it that much sweeter that enjoyment can be taken out of it.

So, am I a crazy nutcase that has no earthly idea of what he is talking about it? Or, just maybe, can some relate to the activities I have outlined? Different strokes for different folks is a saying that I always refer to, so I do not take offense when people have a different point of view. But, for me, when I know these cleaning tasks are on the horizon I do not mind.