Tips for Proper Snow Removal: Which Accessories Do You Need?

You most definitely have something you can’t live without. Well, what about the winter season? Your mittens, 4-wheel drive truck, and other necessities make the winter bearable. Don’t be so selfish and look out only for yourself – your snow blower needs some additional accessories to serve you perfectly through the winter ahead as well. Here are some things your snow blower might need, but might never tell you.

The Snow Cab to Protect You from Snow

Your snow blower might not have any other option but to throw snow all over you during each task. So, if you don’t want to look like a snowman this winter (albeit a moving one), you need to get a snow cab. This cab protects you against the winter conditions and prevents the snow blowing from the discharge chute from covering you from head to toe.

The snow cab is made of heavy duty fabric that is freeze resistant, allowing you to work even in blizzard-like conditions. When choosing the perfect cab, make sure it is compatible to your snow blower.

The Melt Buddy to Spread Salt

The melt buddy takes frost by its horns and kicks it out of town. This could be the best friend to your blower. This accessory is a salt spreader that attaches to your snow blower (check for compatibility). If you have spread salt before, then you know what it entails. You get to lug around a heavy sack of salt to spread all over the snow before clearing it, a tedious task to say the least.

Well, the melt buddy works side by side with the snow blower, spreading salt ahead of the blower so that you don’t have to do it manually. Well, talk of killing two birds with the same stone.

Clean Out Tools to Clear Clogs

You floss each morning and most probably after each meal. Clean out tools to your blower are like dental floss to you. While removing snow, it builds up inside the auger housing. The more you use the blower, the more snow builds up and the less of it your blower can process at any given time. You use the clean out tool to rid the blower of this buildup.

Front Weight Kit to Add More Dig Power

Your blower wouldn’t mind getting more power to dig into the snow and clear out more loads. Adding a weight kit to your snow blower pushes the augers closer to the surface so that they can dig deeper into the snow. The use of this is ideal especially when you are clearing mountains of snow.

If you followed the advice above and bought a snow cab, you might have to add a front weight kit to add balance to the blower. This kit will add nearly ten pounds to the blower.

Tire Chains to Prevent Slipping

Trust me, the snow blower feels embarrassed whenever it slips across the surface of the snow while you are performing your task. Have you ever slipped on the sidewalk or on ice and people around you couldn’t help but laugh? Using tire chains saves your blower all the embarrassment.

Snow melts during the day and freezes over at night. This process makes the sidewalks and driveways develop an underlying snow layer. This layer is slippery, and the tires can slide over this surface.

The solution is to use tire chains made of metal. These chains add some grip to your rubber wheels and prevent them from slipping. Make sure you choose the right size of chains for your tire and have them installed properly.

Snow Blower Gloves for a Consistent Grip

Imagine a cold, clammy hand gripping you for several hours each day. How would you feel? This is how your snow blower feels each morning. If you have installed hand warmer handles, you won’t require snow blower gloves. If you haven’t installed these, then you need a pair of snow blower gloves. They provide extra warmth, protection for your hands and comfort while you battle the layers of snow.

Final Tip

You can’t make use of all these accessories if the snow blower you are using isn’t right for the job. Get the right snow blower that will serve you diligently and will be compatible with these and other accessories. Additionally, make use of these and other tips to get more out of your snow blower.