Understanding Negligence Due to Pharmaceutical Errors

Does the pharmacist have a role to make sure you get the exact medication? Can you sue your pharmacist for being careless with handling the prescription? The answer to the first question is in the affirmative, but only a qualified and competent lawyer can help you with the second query. If pharmacy negligence has caused you harm, you need to get in touch with a legal profession immediately.

Pharmacy is a Profession

Pharmacy is regarded as a profession in the medical field. Therefore any negligence when dispensing medications on the part of the pharmacist can be taken as malpractice. Pharmaceutical errors vary in type and severity. Some errors are minor while others are severe. Minor errors won’t affect the health of the patient, but more severe errors can cause implications on the health of the patient. When this happens, you need to contact The Medical Negligence Experts fast.

Common Pharmacy Errors You Might Come Across

Some of the common pharmacy errors that continue to cause untold suffering to patients today include incorrectly filled prescriptions. This results in the pharmacist giving the patient the wrong drug. The effect in such a case is that you end up with the wrong medicine. This means that the underlying condition isn’t treated and it gets worse.

The second error that you might come across is improper labeling on the prescription bottle. This can include switching names on the prescription bottle. Instead of getting medicine for your migraine, for example, you end up with hormonal replacement therapy tablets. Just imagine what will happen a few days down the line if you follow the dosage!

Dosage errors can occur as well. This is when the pharmacist prints incorrect directions such that instead of taking a single tablet per day you end up taking four. What happens, in this case, is you get the effects of overdosage.

Failure to take into consideration allergic reactions is one of the top issues that many patients face at the hands of careless pharmacists. You experience adverse effects that not only prevent you from performing your daily activities as you would but also requires you to go for extensive treatment to overcome the allergy.

A pharmacist should be able to advise you in details on the known drug side effects. Failure to list the side effects means the patient will take medicine regardless of the side effects, ending up suffering from the negative effects of the medication.

Don’t Tolerate the Errors

Whether the pharmaceutical error was deliberate or as a result of confusion, carelessness or ignorance, the results can be fatal and or costly. It is important that you hold the person who made the error responsible so that he can compensate for the damage he has caused.

By filing a lawsuit, you not only get compensated for the injuries, but you also help the community by stressing the fact that every patient needs to have his prescription correctly filled in future.

If you suffer additional medical complications due to wrong prescriptions such as time off work, you ought to seek redress for the pain and suffering. You can seek and get awarded compensation for lost wages, medical bills, rehabilitation costs, loss of future wages and psychological pain and suffering.

Where Can You Start?

The first thing you need to get armed with is the knowledge that the pharmacist has performed one of the errors discussed before. Have documentary evidence showing how the whole incident happened.

The only way to know whether the case is admissible is to consult with a medical negligence solicitor so that he advises you on what to do. He will help you file the claim and guide you through the process.