Which Exercise Bike Is Better?

Gym membership is becoming more and more expensive. Plus you have to travel to and from your gym. So, many people are starting to look for an exercise machine they can use at home. However, not many people have space for all the different machines available at a gym. Many people then decide to buy an exercise bike. Should you buy an upright or a recumbent bike? Which exercise machine should you choose if you only have space for one? Not many people would consider a recumbent bike but it is a really good choice if you only have room for one machine. What are the benefits of using a recumbent bike over an upright bike?


A clear difference is the position you are in sitting on a recumbent bike as opposed to that on an upright bike. The upright exercise bike is designed like a road bike so is often preferred by traditionalists or those who actually cycle. The position of the rider on an upright bike can cause strain and discomfort on the hands and arms. Compare this to the reclined position on the recumbent bike where your arms are in a more natural position and you are not putting your weight on them.

Build More Muscle

More people choose to use a standard exercise bike over a recumbent bike when they are at the gym. However, that can be a mistake. Both help to improve your cardio but a recumbent bike is better for muscle development, especially in your lower body.

As you are sitting in a different position when using a recumbent bike, your muscles get a different workout. They are targeted in a different way to most other cardio machines.


Recumbent bikes are safer and easier to get on and off for those of us who are less mobile or elderly. Compare an upright bike which is higher off the ground and has an uncomfortably narrow seat with the recumbent bike which is close to the ground. You are far more stable on a recumbent bike. This is, therefore, a better choice for anyone recovering from illness or an operation or an elderly person.

The cycling position also means that there is less strain on the hip and the knee as the range of movement is not as extreme as on an upright bike. Because of the way you exercise your leg muscles, it strengthens the legs, another benefit for the elderly or less mobile of us.

The position of the seat and the support means a recumbent bike is better for those with back problems. You are in a far more natural position so will feel less stress and strain.


As mentioned above, recumbent bikes are safer and easier to get on and off, they are also more comfortable than the upright bike. They have a wider seat and a backrest which makes it easier to sit for any length of time. Plus the seated position puts less strain on the body than your position on an upright bike. This is another reason they are a good choice for an elder person or those in recovery but still wishing to exercise.

As these bikes are more comfortable than the upright bike, you are more likely to actually use it. You know that it won’t be as painful as using the upright bike. You are also more likely to stay on it for a longer time, as you will suffer from less discomfort.

Low Impact

The recumbent bike gives you a great cardio workout so is great for weight loss and cardiovascular improvements. Unlike running on a treadmill, the exercise is low impact.

Recumbent bikes are becoming more and more popular. As you can see, a recumbent bike is an excellent exercise machine for you to use in the comfort of your own home. Visit our site to see the great range of recumbent bikes that we have for sale. A recumbent bike will provide an exercise machine that you are more likely to use, on a consistent basis, and can be used by all family members. It is, therefore, a better investment than an upright bike as it is an exercise machine that you are actually likely to use.